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What I provide

Website Programming

Creation of a website tailored to your needs. You have the choice between dynamic or static content ...


Need independent advice on server operations, networking and site security? I am happy to assist you!


You need a meaningful flyer, a poster or help for your appearance in the social networks for an event, your club or your company? We are happy to design flyers, posters, construction fence banners and much more. Contact me!


You have an idea for a program and would like to have implemented it ?! I have many years of experience in various programming languages (Python, Java, Golang, Ruby, Perl to name a few).


System errors are unavoidable. For this reason, it is even more important that a system is continuously monitored and errors detected promptly.

Encryption / IT-Security

I offer you all the way from information on the possibilities of encryption to the actual encryption of your data. In this context, data includes email, backup, entire disks, website (https).


Yubikey two factor authentication for ssh

March 8, 2019    Tags: yubikey  2fa  ssh  yubico


After my successfull sudo test I was interested in 2fa for ssh. As a systemadministrator you are always scared about secure login just for you/your team.

Also ssh 2fa via yubikey is pretty straight forward. It needs some more work than just the sudo case but here we go.

Yubikey for sudo 2 Factor Auth

Dec. 7, 2018    Tags: yubikey  2fa


Some days ago I thought about testing two factor authentication (2FA) with Yubikey. Yubikey is a hardware security key which can do a lot.

How to test 2FA on a local machine if you don’t want to log you out or destroy anything important? I decided to implement 2FA for sudo command with yubikeys U2F feature. Be aware: This does not work for ssh.