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I really like the Source Code Management Tool Git. Since 3 months i used MediaWiki as a private wiki.

MediaWiki can be used like Wikipedia on an own server. After 3 months of using and testing, I recognized that it is pretty overloaded.
Indeed, MediaWiki is pretty cool, but it is not really designed to be used by a single person. I use a wiki for short notices and to write down solutions for confusing errors.
To use MediaWiki, a internet connection is required.

I searched a solution to have a wiki where I can write short notices, see all changes in a simple way and maybe to edit the wiki in a console.

Why Gitit?

Gitit is a OpenSource project which supports a lot of my favourite languages. For example:

  • LaTeX
  • Markdown
  • plain text

Since 1 Month of use I like gitit. It is pretty cool, I can edit my wiki pages on console in my favourite editor (vi). I can edit them in a web browser like safari or google chrome. And it is also possible to export in a lot of formats:

  • LaTeX
  • pdf
  • html


  1. Haskell Platform according your OS
  2. if not already installed, you need Git

Installing gitit

After I installed Haskell Platform for osx, it is possible to install gitit in the console:

$ cabal update
    $ cabal install gitit

On Mountain Lion (OSX), the executables are installed at ~/Library/Haskell/bin. To enable a small gitit call on console, I had to export my PATH-variable.

Insert following line in ~/.profile

export PATH="$HOME/Library/Haskell/bin:$PATH"

getting started

To start editing the wiki, we need a place to store data.

$ mkdir mywiki
    $ cd mywiki
    $ gitit

After that we can have a look at our browser. Gitit starts its own webserver. You can reach it at


If we want to use another port instead of 5001, start gitit with -p option:

$ gitit -p 4000      # start on port 4000

config file

It is also possible to use a config file with option -f. If not used, gitit use a default config

$ gitit -f my.conf

To write default configuration to file, use:

$ gitit --print-default-config > my.conf

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