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June 11, 2019    Tags: raspberrypi  unix  pi  debian  tracker  advertisement  pi-hole


Online advertisment is everywhere. I don't like webpages where everywhere something pops up or overlays content or you can't really see any content because of the advertisment. On my browsers I like using plugins like AdBlock, uBlock Origin and NoScript. But what can I do on my smartphone inside the Apps or on my Smart-TV?

Check if a file was changed in a bash script

Aug. 3, 2018    Tags: unix  debian  letsencrypt  bash

I’m using letsencrypt for most of my servers. One of these servers is behind a firewall without any direct internet connection. Therefore I’m not able to use letsencrypt or dehydrated directly on that server. I’m copying the certificate to a specific location as a normal ssh user and on that host itself I have to check if the certificate was changed to reload the webserver.

How to disable debian 9 private tmp

Oct. 9, 2017    Tags: debian  systemctl  systemd

These days I upgraded one of my hosts with debian jessie to the latest debian stretch. After that upgrade I figured out, that some of my nagios checkes were red and also my django wsgi applications were not able to read from system tmp any more. The main reason for that is, that with debian 9, some processes which uses systemd forced the private tmp directories.

Systemctl commands

Nov. 5, 2015    Tags: debian  sysctl  systemctl

At my daily work as a sysadmin I already have some hosts which are running on debian 8 (jessie). If they are newly installed, a lot of things have changed. Since the beginning of debian 8, they should all started via systemd. In this blog post I write some commands to make your live with systemd easier.

Disable/Enable Touchpad

Aug. 25, 2014    Tags: debian  xinput  lenovo

At work I use a very new lenovo laptop and I’m really stressed out of the touchpad. It is a really large one and a lot of times I write on the keyboard, I touch the touchpad, even if I don’t want to. So how can it be disabled for that time and enabled if I need it?

Debian/Ubuntu Packages

July 30, 2014    Tags: debian  cheatsheet  apt  deb  dpkg

I do a lot of work with the debian/ubuntu packagemanagement apt and aptitude with all it’s amazing options and subcommands.

Here I just write some of them, I really often need and use. All commands must run as root. So insert a sudo at the beginning of the command or just run it as user root.