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Remove Files completely from Git repository

Delete a file completely from Git history

March 11, 2020    Tags: git


It can happen that you add some big files to Git (binaries, documents, images, ...) or some "private" files which should not be in git. Removing it from your filesystem with a single commit will just remove the file in the working tree, but Git does not fully delete a file when removing it via commit. Maybe you want to restore it. That's why Git keeps it in his history.

Caching git credentials

Aug. 10, 2015    Tags: git

During my work as a sysadmin and developer I have to do a lot with git as a vcs. Most of the time I have git repositories which are reachable via ssh. There I don’t have to type (thanks to the ssh key) any password during pull, push and fetch commands. But some repositories are only reachable via https. There I also don’t want to type my password every time.

Set default branch in git bare repository

Sept. 12, 2014    Tags: git  repository

Sometimes I use a git bare repository without a configured master branch. If you clone a bare repository without a master branch, git will cry all the time that no HEAD is configured on the bare repsitory.

So we have to setup a different default branch on that bare repository.

Avoid committing your changes

April 4, 2013    Tags: git

If you’re working on a project where you have config files with passwords or a file with specific settings in them, for example a fabfile with different settings on different computers or a mutt config file with a server password. This is a bit risky to rely on always being vigilant and avoiding staging that hunk when building a commit.

Install Git from Source on OSX

March 16, 2013    Tags: git  osx  mac

I decided to update my Git-SCM Version on my Macbook. Therfore I tried it by compiling and installing from source. It was a little bit tricky. I give a short description how I did it.

Switch from gitweb to cgit

Feb. 18, 2013    Tags: git  gitweb  cgit


I switched my git repository browsing tool from gitweb to cgit.

I haven’t found any really working option to enable caching in gitweb. I have some repositories which are really large. At the moment, one call to the gitweb main (project) page costs a lot of time because the git call to get the latest commit time


Nov. 23, 2012    Tags: wiki  gitit  git


I really like the Source Code Management Tool Git. Since 3 months i used MediaWiki as a private wiki.

MediaWiki can be used like Wikipedia on an own server. After 3 months of using and testing, I recognized that it is pretty overloaded.
Indeed, MediaWiki is pretty cool, but it is not really designed to be used by a single person.