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Disable User to be shown on Startscreen on a MAC

Aug. 15, 2017    Tags: osx  mac  dscl

What if you handover a Macbook to a friend or your girlfriend and he wants you as his/her administrator?! If thats the case it makes sense that you create a seperate account for administration and one for her/him. I did so, but I didn’t want the admin account to be showen on the login screen.

Install Git from Source on OSX

March 16, 2013    Tags: git  osx  mac

I decided to update my Git-SCM Version on my Macbook. Therfore I tried it by compiling and installing from source. It was a little bit tricky. I give a short description how I did it.

iso image to usb stick

Feb. 28, 2013    Tags: osx  dd  diskutil  iso  mac

Last week I realized again, that an OSX-System is not allowed to handle simple iso images. I just wanted to create a simple bootable usb-stick to install a new and plain version of debian 7 on my pc tower. Therefore I downloaded the debian iso file from the debian download page.