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High availability UniFi Controller

Aug. 13, 2020    Tags: raspberrypi  high available  unifi


I like having stuff high available. Everybody who works in IT knows it: Everything can fail and it most likely fails when you really need it as written in Murphy's law: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong". Therefore I decided to cluster my UniFi Controller today. For sure it does not need to run on a server and can be started locally for configuration. But I like to have some nice stats and graphs which are also provided by the Controller and therefore it needs to be up and running constantly.


June 11, 2019    Tags: raspberrypi  unix  pi  debian  tracker  advertisement  pi-hole


Online advertisment is everywhere. I don't like webpages where everywhere something pops up or overlays content or you can't really see any content because of the advertisment. On my browsers I like using plugins like AdBlock, uBlock Origin and NoScript. But what can I do on my smartphone inside the Apps or on my Smart-TV?

Samba-Server on Raspberry-Pi

March 30, 2013    Tags: raspberrypi  samba  nfs

Today I decided to give my Raspberry Pi something to do. Now it is a samba fileserver for my Macbook Backup. It was not quite easy to setup Time Machine on my Macbook to use a samba share as backup-device, but at least it works.